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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Shree Ghatak Muhury: The transwoman actor set for Bollywood debut

Shree Ghatak Muhury is in hot news. Shree Ghatak Muhury is a terpsichorean, a theatre artist and also a social activist and finally Shree is the first transwoman who has a legally registered marriage and the Kolkata actor is now all set for her Bollywood debut in Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s upcoming Season’s Greetings.

Shree Ghatak Muhury was auditioned for the role of Chapala and as the director decided to cast real life transgender as as Chapala.  Shree Ghatak was selected to play the role.

Shree Ghatak Muhury grew up in Baisakhi Abasan in Salt Lake, taunted, stalked, harassed and molested for his effeminate demeanour. After undergoing surgery for sexual reassignment, today she has found a new life, a new identity and a husband. Name is also changed.

Shree Ghatak Muhury got married on February 18 2019. Shree is very happy now.

Shree Ghatak Muhury's father worked in the urban development department, her mother a housewife. Their only son attended a reputable government school in Salt Lake. 

Sanjay is Shree's husband. Shree has now set up Troyee Foundation to stand by those in distress, especially in the gender marginalised community.

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