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Monday, May 13, 2019

Appeal From Bhojpuri Actress Rani Chatterjee on Election

Rani Chatterjee is one of the most popular actresses in Bhojpuri film industry. Rani is very active in social media always uses this media to communicate with her fans. This time Rani Chatterjee utilised Instagram to give a social message to her fans. Rani urges her fan to be careful while casting their votes so that our country is in right hands.

 Bhojpuri Actress Rani Chatterjee
 Rani Chatterjee

Rani Chatterjee normally posts her latest photos, personal updates for her fans. This time Rani Chatterjee is in different role. Rani has reminded her fans that it is our duty to vote for the right person so that country will be in right hands. Rani Chatterjee did not mentioned any particular party or candidate name but she has indicated that effective, efficient, honest candidates should be sent to Parliament.

The actress was recently spotted in Kolkata to campaign for Trinamool Congress but today she took  Instagram to convey the message "No campingn ....I decide... Back to Mumbai zantaa pehle..Ap sabhi Ko naaraj Kiya uske liye maafi chahugi...ap sabhi ke sath hu main koi alag nahi.... Being indian....Desh Sahi hatho me hona jiski zimmedaari har bharitiy ke hath me hai...️️️".

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