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Monday, June 29, 2020

Debolina Dutta Now Vocal Against Nepotism In Tollywood Film Industry

After Sreelekha Mitra, another actress in Tollywood - Debolina Dutta has opened her mouth against nepotism in Tollywood Bengali Film Industry. Debolina is the second actress to share her views on nepotism in Bengali film industry.
Courtesy ABP

Debolina Dutta is in the industry for 22 years and according to her both nepotism and mafia raj exists in our Bengali film industry. Debolina shared her own experiences to state how dirty out some of the producers and directors are. 

Debolina Dutta one incidence of almost 22 years ago when she was new in the industry. One producer asked the actress to meet him at his office. Debolina was accompanied with her mother but the producer allowed only Debolina to enter his chamber and started behaving nasty. The producer asked Debolina whether she is ready to compromise as she wants to work in the industry. Debolina was astonished and the producer continued that actresses should come closer to producer for better work. The producer even told that he would take measurements of Debolina's dresses. Debolina refused the proposal of the director who was popular as 'Tailor Producer' in the industry as he used to behave in the same manner with all his actresses at that time.   

Deboline Dutta remembered another incidence when one of her friend director told her in front of others "If I cast you in my film, what I will get"?

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