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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Kiss And Intimate Scenes In Post Corona Films and TV Serials

Bollywood, Tollywood getting ready for post Corona shooting. After a gap of lock down of 71 days, film and TV industries are preparing themselves to start shooting. But the question is how intimate scenes will be shot? Will kissing scenes be banned from films and TV serials? What techniques may be adopted to replace kissing and intimate scenes? Still no clue is surfaced but we can guess a few.
End of Kissing in Films?

The entertainment industry is one of the hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic. With productions halted for more than two months and releases postponed, the business is going through one of its bleakest periods.
Post Corona, It is impossible

In India, filmmakers and production houses are getting ready to resume activities. Talks with Government is going on but the question is how many changes will be there in post Corona shootings.  One thing is clear-showbiz will not remain the same in the post-pandemic era. Social distancing is a must in daily life now, so we will see marked changes in romantic scenes.
Intimate Scenes No More

What May Replace Intimate And Kissing Scenes

A pair sitting together and suddenly, the camera pans to logs of wood burning in a fireplace or focus to a shot of two flowers nuzzling each other are very common to describe desire, intimacy and kiss. These are very common. Let's see what new techniques our film and TV serial directors invent. This is a challenge 

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