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Friday, September 11, 2020

Actress Ankita Majumder Delivered Baby Girl

 Actress Ankita Majumder, a famous name in Bengali TV serials, has delived a baby girl on 07 September. Both the mother and child are fine. Ankita is now at Guwahati.

Ankita's husband is Soumitra Paul and he is from different profession. Soumitra is a Bangalore-based technology entrepreneur who runs an enterprise software company named Playbook AI. Ankita and Soumitra got married on 2018.

Ankita and Soumitra met via a matrimonial site. They dated for a year and finally both fell in love with each other. Both the families interacted and they got married.

Ankita is famous for the Bengali serials - Jorowar Jhumko’, 'Saat Bhai Champa', 'Bhumikanya' and many more.

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