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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Srabanti Chatterjee And Roshan Singh Latest News


05 November 2022

Latest news is that husband Roshan has filed case again against Srabanti Chatterjee. Srabanti gave false testimony in court, Roshan Singh alleged.

A new twist in the divorce case of Srabanti Chatterjee and Roshan Singh. Roshan Singh again filed a case against the actress for giving false testimony. Roshan filed a case of 'purgery' against Sravanti under section 340 of the CPRC.

The actress filed for divorce. Srabanti demanded a monthly allowance of Rs 7 lakh. The actress registered her income and expenses while filing the divorce case. And that is the inconsistency.

The next hearing of this case is on December 16 in Alipore Court. If this charge against Srabanti is proved, the actress may be jailed, said Roshan's lawyer.

3rd marriage of Srabanti Chatterjee was with Roshan Singh, which wad held on 19 April 2019. Presently Roshan and

Srabanti are staying separately. Roshan used to stay with Srabanti at her flat but he has now moved out of the house. 

Roshan now wants to continue their married life and appealed to court that he wants to stay with his wife Srabanti. Court will summon the actress in July this year

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