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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Actress Pori Moni Pregnant


Pori Moni is going to give birth to a child. she also got married secretly. This time Pori Moni fixed the name of the child before she was born. If a daughter is born, she will be named Rani. And if there is a son, the name will be Rajya. That is what the Bangladeshi actress said.

Father of her child is Bangladeshi actor Shariful Raj. The actress said, “I could feel it a few days ago. So I went to the hospital. The doctor told the good news. Hearing the news, Raj hugged me and started crying. We heard our child's heart beat. Looks like I'm the strongest woman in the world. My wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. This feeling cannot be expressed, it cannot be explained in words. I am going to get the best gift of my life from the Creator".

It is learned that Pori Moni got married to Shariful Raj on October 16 last year. However, the actress deliberately kept the marriage secret. She went to the boat club in Dhaka and faced indecency. Pori Moni came to the discussion after filing a case against this allegation. Again, she was accused of stockpiling foreign liquor. Pori Moni had to spend 27 months in jail after being arrested. At that time Bangladesh police remanded him three times. 

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