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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Mahua Roychowdhury Son Tamal Chakraborty Biography and Profile


Tamal Chakraborty Biography and Profile

Son of actress Mahua Roychowdhury and Tilak Chakraborty

Date of Birth: 24 September 1977. 
Mahua's date of birth was also on 24 September (1958)

Academic Qualification: Automobile Engineering

Profession: Music arrangement, keyboard programming and music director for film and TV.
Previously worked in Pune Automobile firm for three years.

Tamal is married and blessed with a daughter

Tamal's opinion on being a star kid: "Nothing very positive...People probably expected me to be an actor. But I've grown out of that and started a fresh.

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Notable Works of Tamal Chakraborty

2022: Background Music Director of film 'Akorik '
2021: Music Director of Bangladeshi film 'Raat Jaga Phool '

2018: Music Director of film 'E Tumi Kemon Tumi'

2017: Singer,Composer, Lyricist of Award Winning Bengali short film 'Flames'.
Starring Arjun Chakrabarty, Darshana Banik, Amit Saha, Arindom Ghosh, Anamik Saha

2017: Music arranger of song "Tomaye Chhute Chaowar Muhurtora" for Anindya Bose (Bangla Band Sohor) album 'Jokhon'.
Middle One is Tamal

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