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Monday, January 17, 2022

Pandit Birju Maharaj Dead


Renowned dancer Pandit Birju Maharaj suffered a heart attack. The 83-year-old artist suffered a sudden heart attack on Sunday night. He was immediately taken to the hospital. There the doctors declared Birju Maharaj dead.

It has been heard that Birju Maharaj was at home. He was playing with his grandchildren. Suddenly felt chest pain. Everything was over in just a few hours. Dance world mourning the death of the artist. He was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. Dialysis was also reported. Birju Maharaj was born in the famous ‘Maharaja’ gharana of Lucknow. His family has a long history in the world of Kathak dance. Birju Maharaj started his first training with his father Achchan Maharaj. Later Kaka learned dance from Lachhu Maharaj and Shambhu Maharaj. Birju Maharaj was an expert not only in dance but also in vocal music. He was good in tabla and drawing.

Birju Maharaj lost his father when he was only nine years old. Nachkei took aim at his own life. He was closely associated with Calcutta. It was in this city that he first performed in front of an audience. Birju Maharaj started teaching dance at the age of 13. At that age he used to teach Delhi music in Bharati. Later he started teaching at the Indian Arts Center and Kathak Center in Delhi. Later, Birju Maharaj opened his own school 'Kalashram'.

Birju Maharaj choreographed two songs from Satyajit Ray's movie 'Shataranj Ke Khiladi'. Later in 2002, taught Madhuri Dixit to dance to the song 'Kahe Chhede Mohe' in the film 'Devdas' directed by Bhansali. Received Sangeet Natak Academy Award. He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan. His fans are mourning the loss of his beloved Panditji. Many have paid homage to the Kathak legend on social media.

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