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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Sohini Sarkar Ranojoy Bishnu Break Up News

 Crack in Sohini Sarkar and Ranojoy Bishnu's love relationship! This is a hot news in Tollywood since Monday night. And the beginning of this speculation is Sohini's Instagram story.

On Monday, Sohini posted a story on her Instagram. And this post has raised various discussions in social media. Critics say Sohini's post is a clear indication of a rift in her relationship with Ranojoy. However, Sohini never used Ranojoy's name in her post. But Sohini Sarkar writes about being alone and further stated that she is enjoying every moment alone. Not only that, Sohini wrote in another of her stories, "I will correct the mistake because I am alive, otherwise it will be wrong later!" 

Sohini Sarkar and Ranojoy Vishnu are considered to be real life sweet couple of Tollywood. They disclosed about their live-in relationship. Sohini and Ranojoy even came up with their wedding plans while giving interviews to various newspapers during Durga Puja last year. People are surprised, what happened all of a sudden due to which Sohini posted such an article on social media overnight!

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