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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Bonny Sengupta And Koushani Mukherjee Break Up?

 Another break up news in Tollywood. A few days ago, news of a rift was heard about the love between Sohini Sarkar and Ranjay Vishnu. This time Bonny Sengupta and Kaushani Mukherjee are in hot news. It is heard that the relationship is not in good shape.

Bonny and Kaushani have been in a relationship for almost seven years. Talks between this popular couple of Tolipara have been closed for some time. Reacting to this in a media, Kaushani said that she wants to be alone for a few days now. According to the actress, if there is a difference of opinion in the relationship, the distance should be maintained for some time. And should be alone. So that one can recognize oneself. However, Kaushani said that her relationship with Bonny is not broken. If anything like that happens, it must be informed publicly. Responding to the same media, Bonnie again said that Kaushani is angry that he could not give time due to the busy schedule of shooting. The actor hopes that time will fix everything.

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