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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sreelekha Mitra Won Best Actress at The New York Indian Film Festival

 Recognition on the international stage. Actress Sreelekha Mitra won the title of Best Actress at the New York Indian Film Festival. Awarded Best Actress for 'Once Upon a Time in Calcutta'. The actress shared the good news on social media. He is currently floating in the tide of good wishes.

Sreelekha Mitra

On Sunday morning, Sreelekha Mitra posted a picture and video on social media. He thanked everyone for that post. Thank you to all who love or hate. Heavenly mother also mentioned her father in the social media post. She is sure that her parents are very proud of winning the award.

Director Aditya Vikram's 'Once Upon a Time in Calcutta' is in the news from the very beginning. The film premiered last year at the Venice Film Festival. Sreelekha looked at foreign lands. And this time she got the award for best actress for her performance in that film. And Aditya Vikram got the title of best director for the film.

Sreelekha shared the good news on social media soon after the film was nominated for the New York Indian Film Festival. There is no doubt that he was happy. However, he regretted that the film could not take place at the film festival in his hometown. For now though, Sreelekha is floating in the tide of joy and good wishes.

Not only the awards at the New York Indian Film Festival, but also the success of Sreelekha. Earlier, the film 'And the Roof' directed by Sreelekha was screened at the Bengaluru Collage Film Festival. Sreelekha's film has received rave reviews at this film festival. So his joy seems to have doubled.

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