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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tarun Majumdar Condition Is Very Critical - In Ventilation

 Veteran director Tarun Majumder has been undergoing treatment at the hospital for the past few weeks. Sudden deterioration of physical condition. He had to be given ventilation.

On Sunday morning, his condition suddenly deteriorated. Increased shortness of breath. Creatinine levels have also increased a lot. Dialysis is also done. That is the news from the hospital sources.

There are multiple infections in the body. Chest infections have reappeared. There was a heart problem. There is also an infection in the kidneys. Blood pressure is much lower than normal. He was in CCU for the last few days. 

The director has been undergoing treatment at the hospital for about 15 days. A few days ago, his physical condition had improved a bit. He was recovering. The Rileys tube was also opened. Although he could not speak, he was trying to communicate with everyone by hand.

Suddenly on Sunday morning the illness began to increase. Ventilation support is provided. Creatinine levels have risen to 3.

Three days ago, the doctors informed about the improvement in the physical condition of the director. MRI was done. That report was normal. The doctors also thought of transferring him to the Woodburn ward after keeping him in the CCU for a few days.

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