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Monday, August 29, 2022

Urfi Aka Urofi Javed Dressing Sense

 urfi Aka Urofi Javed is always in news due to her unconventional dressing sense. Actually the television actress wants to draw attention through her inventions in dressing. 

Here is Urfi / Urofi Javed and her dresses

Urofi did not wear a top or any other outfit but covered herself with Silver Vark which is generally used on Indian sweets.

Urofi is seen wearing a sequin dress but it's unlike any other sequin dress you've seen before. The mini dress featured a single shoulder neckline with one side showcasing a completely sheer panel and the other side in a bronze sequin design.

What a skirt!!!

Urofi Javed wears only flowers as her outfit

Urofi in yellow floral bikini

Urofi wears her own pictures as dress!!

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