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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Actress Aindrila Sharma Is Critical Again

 she has come back after battling incurable cancer twice. But condition of actress Aindrila Sharma is critical again. She is fighting with death again in the hospital.

Aindrila had a stroke on Tuesday night (01 November 2022). the actress is on ventilation in a private hospital in Howrah. According to hospital sources, she has gone into a coma. Actress Aindrila's condition is very alarming. It is reported that she has a blood clot in his brain. Her lover Sabyasachi Chowdhury is with her in the hospital.Aindrila was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night. According to hospital sources, her physical condition has slightly improved on Wednesday. However, the doctors said that nothing can be said if 48 hours are not passed.

Aindrila's doctors said that one side of the actress's body is completely numb. The left hand can move a little. Other than that, only the eyes are moving. The doctors also said that Aindrila's risk in this case is less due to her young age. But until the actress regains consciousness, they cannot say anything for sure. According to sources, Aindrila was scheduled to go to Goa in the next few days to work on a web series. However, due to this sudden illness, all work has been suspended for the time being. Aindrila was also supposed to go to Delhi in a few days for treatment. the actress took leave from shooting like that. But suddenly she had a stroke.

At the age of 24, Aindrila was attacked twice by cancer. she came back from the face of death both times. God has infused her with the vitality to fight illness, say the actress' acquaintances. Aindrila was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18. She was studying in class XI then .She fought with the deadly disease for one and a half years. Aindrila came back smiling. After recovering from cancer, Aindrila won a lot of praise in the acting world. The serial 'Jionakathi' brought her immense popularity. This young actress is loved by all in Tollygaunge. But Aindrila was again diagonised with cancer. Her fans were shocked to hear the news that she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Aindrila's boyfriend and actor Sabyasachi was by her side almost from the beginning of sher illness.

Aindrila's fans have always relied on sher 'Jionakathi'. she rose again and again from the face of severe illness like a phoenix bird. This time too, while lying in the hospital, the dear actress will perform a similar miracle, the hopeful Tollygainge studio beleive.

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