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Monday, November 7, 2022

Meenakshi Seshadri In Indian Idol Stage

 Movie lovers have not forgotten Meenakshi Seshadri. Meenakshi suddenly left the acting world when she was in the middle of her career. Now after 27 years, the famous actress 'Damini' made a comeback. Recently, this number one actress was seen on the stage of 'Indian Idol'. Meenakshi came as a guest. This actress once worked hard in the world of Hindi cinema.

However, after the marriage, the heroine left everything and moved to the United States. Going there, she got a new identity beyond the identity of the actress. She was seen on Saturday's episode (05 November 2022) of Indian Idol. It was there that she felt that she had become a good cook after going abroad. In 1995, she married investment banker Harish Mysore and moved to the United States. After going there, the heroine felt that she has become someone's wife, someone's mother. In Meenakshi's words, "I became a good cook after that. I think I can cook South Indian vegetarian items well. Meenakshi also cooked a few dishes for the judges of the show. On this day, the contestants honored the actress by singing iconic songs from her famous movies.

Her famous films are 'Damini', 'Ganga-Yamuna', 'Hero', 'Swati', 'Dilwala', 'Shehanshah', 'Ghar Ho To Aisa'. Meenakshi was not seen in any other film after the film 'Ghatak' in 1996. Meenakshi appeared in front of the camera again after so many years. Her age has reached 58, but fans still can't stop praising her beauty.

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