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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Ranadeep Sarker Aka Pashmina Sarker And Her Latest News

 Remember Ranadeep Sarker? The young Kolkata filmmaker who directed critically acclaimed films like ‘Not A Dirty Film’, ‘Nupur’, and ‘Blue Lies’ among others took the bravest decision of his life. He recently underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a post-operative trans-woman. It was not at all an easy decision to take. Yet, Ranadeep decided to swim against the tide and managed to stick to his decision of surgery to become a complete woman. “I have faced a lot of discrimination in the past few years. People talked a lot about me and my nature. They used to humiliate me using slangs. But I knew from the beginning that I need to do this surgery. I always felt like trapped in a man’s body. The reality of trans people’s lives is that so often we are targets of violence. We experience discrimination disproportionately to the rest of the community. I think it is time pose a delicate question - Is it time for a nuanced discussion about sex and pleasure for trans women? Has the cultural conversation around trans culture progressed enough?” asks an emotional Ranadeep who is now officially Pashmina Sarker.

Pashmina aka Ranadeep now wants to be the face of the LGBTQA community and is looking to bust the myths surrounding trans women. In terms of work, she is getting offers to act in films or web series focused on queer content but Pashmina wants to continue the directorial career as well.

“Whenever I speak with producers and financers they often talk about acting offers saying that I have a great sensual appeal and will do great works as an actor. But nobody understands that I am a director as well. I want to continue my filmmaking career also. I have made pan-India films like ‘Adelante’, ‘Dayra’, ‘Blue Lies’ with actors like Yashpal Sharma, Subrat Dutt, Mumtaz Sorcar and Saptrishi others. I know what I am capable of but people need to understand that also,” said Pashmina.

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