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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Actress Bela Bose And Her Bollywood And Life Journey

 Bela Bose, a Bengali girl, conquered Bollywood with her skills in the sixties. her performance was praised by people. Bela Bose's name was also pronounced with stars like Helen, Aruna Irani in the dance. Many of the younger generation may not know Bela Bose. However, her Bengali girl conquered Bollywood with her skills in the sixties. her performance was praised by the people. But Bela Bose excelled in dancing. Once popular Bollywood actress and dancer Bela Bose passed away quietly. she was 82 years old at the time of her death. the veteran artist breathed her last on 20 February 2023, Monday night. From classical music to Bollywood songs, Bela Bose was equally adept at all dances. As a dancer she was once so popular that many compared her to Helen. Bela Bose's name was also pronounced with a star like Helen, Aruna Irani.

Born on April 18, 1941 in Calcutta. her father Amulayratan Basu was a cloth merchant. Faced with financial crisis, she moved to Mumbai with her family in 1951. But in the new city, the rhythm falls without settling the family. Bela Bose's father died in a road accident in 1953.

After  Amulayratan's death, Bela Bose's mother Lilavati Devi took charge of the family. she joined the hospital as a nurse. Bela Bose took dance training from childhood. After completing her schooling, she stood by her mother. the burden of the family of four siblings also falls on her shoulders. Bela Bose used to get small opportunities as a group dancer in Hindi films. Take that as a profession. there was no other path open to teenage Bela Bose. Bela Bose's quality was that she could master any dance in a heart beat. It was because of the dance that the opportunity to work in Bollywood came to Bela Bose. she was in the dance team in several films. But Bela Bose was tall and thin for her age. the sneaky look was out of step with the rest of the dance team. As a result, she was often left out of the dance. Bela Bose's first break as a solo dancer in Bollywood was in 'Maine Nasshe Mein Hoon'. Bela Bose's dance moves caught the eye in the Raj Kapoor and Mala Sinha starrer. After that in 1962 Bela Bose debuted as the first actress in Bollywood at the age of 21. In 1962, dancer Bela Bose was chosen as the heroine opposite Guru Dutt in the film 'Sawtela Bhai'. In the same year she acted in the film 'Hawamahal' in the role of Helen's sister. Bela Bose has worked hard in the world of acting as well as dancing. the director never disappointed the producers.

In 1966, Bela Bose played the central role in the film 'Naagin Aur Sopera'. Manohar Desai was the opposite hero. Other notable films in Bela Bose's career include 'Bandini', 'Professor', 'Amrapali', 'Shikar', 'Prempatra', 'Jiddi', 'Chitralekha', 'Poonam Ke Raat', 'Boxer', 'Actress' and 'Jai'. Satisfied mother.


Bela Bose tied the knot with actor and director Asish Kumar in 1967. After marriage, she reduced her work in the industry. the mother of two, Bela Bose bid adieu to Bollywood completely.

Bela Bose's acting and dancing skills are well known. But she had many other qualities. they have remained behind the light of publicity.

Bela Bose loved to draw. when she got free time, she used to sit down with notebooks, paints and pencils. It is not an exaggeration to say that the actress was also a skilled painter. Bela Bose even wrote poetry. she wrote several original poems.

Another quality of Bela Bose remains unknown. she was a skilled swimmer. Bela Bose has won accolades by swimming at the national level. But her mind was on building a career in Bollywood. So swimming talent goes undercover.

Son and Daughter of Bela Bose

Bela Bose's daughter Manjushree is an established doctor. Son Abhijit is a senior employee of a financial firm. her husband passed away in 2013. the veteran actress spent a lot of time with her family and grandchildren in her last life. Even after moving away from the world of lights, cameras and action, her passion did not fade.

After quitting acting, Bela Bose has deliberately stayed away from the limelight. the daughter who once made it big in Bollywood has gone deep into oblivion. On Monday, 'Bela Bose' of Bollywood went away quietly from the glitter of B-Town.

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