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Thursday, February 9, 2023

'How much is your fee?' is a bad proposal to Rupanjana Mitra on WhatsApp

 Tollywood actress and BJP leader Rupanjana Mitra received a bad proposal on WhatsApp. Rupanjana expressed her anger by highlighting the details of the incident on Facebook. Asked the netizens what exactly should be done with such a person. Rupanjana shared a screenshot of the entire WhatsApp chat on Facebook and wrote, "Years of ignoring have made no difference to people with such sick minds." Those who only consider women as commodities. Society also fulfills such needs.

Rupanjana wrote on social media, the mail comes to the mail address given on Instagram. In response to work-related questions, she gave her phone number to be contacted directly. After that the person messaged her on WhatsApp. And there she was directly asked how much her 'fee' is. Even the person directly says his client wants to meet and spend time. Rupanjana continued to ask more and more questions, why this meeting? What work even if the answer did not come directly, they kept talking about meeting again and again. The person added that his client was not from the entertainment industry, but a businessman. Bengali businessman.

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