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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Film on Surupa Guha

 Those who keep track of the mysterious history of Kolkata, who have a good memory, will surely remember an incident that woke the city up at night in the seventies. The Surupa Guha death mystery. On May 5, 1976, the death of Surupa, a housewife from a noble family in South Calcutta, shook the people of the city at that time. After investigation, the police arrested Surupa's husband Indranath Guha. Apart from Indranath's parents, Ramendranath Lahiri and Jhantu Charan Dutt were also arrested. Did Surupa commit suicide or was she murdered, the court case went on for a long time to solve the mystery.

Surupa died due to Mercuric Chloride in her stomach (Post mortem Report).  

Many tangles of that mystery have not yet been solved. Many blamed Indranath Guha, Surupa's husband. But in the end, Indranath was released. Many believe that Indranath got advantage due to his good relationship with the political party in the government at that time, being the owner of one of the famous schools in Kolkata. All in all, the incident made the front page of the daily newspaper. That story is now taking place on the movie screen. And Arindam Shil is handling his responsibility.

Recently, Arindam directly told a newspaper that the shadow of the mystery of Surupa Guhar's death will be seen in his cinema. Although he has mixed some fantasy and fictional characters with it. Ankita Chakraborty will be seen in one of the important roles in the film. It is heard that Ankita will act in the same role as the character modeled on Surupa.

Arunima Ghosh is playing the role of a leading actress of that time in the film.

Souraseni Moitra will also be there. She is playing the role of a police officer. Indrashis Roy will be seen in the role of a journalist. But there is a surprise about the character modeled after Indranath. Popular Bangladeshi actor Arifin Shuvo will be seen playing this role. All in all, the production of the new film has accumulated quite a lot.

 Arindam named this film '19th April'. 

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