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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Actress Sandhya Roy Is Admitted To Hospital


Actress Sandhya Roy admitted to hospital on Monday (17 June 2024). The veteran actress suddenly felt discomfort in her chest on Saturday. She had to be admitted to the hospital immediately. According to hospital sources, she has a heart problem. The situation is not stable at all. Treatment is ongoing.

Since admission, the octogenarian actress has undergone ECG, echocardiography, 24-hour Holter monitoring, and relevant blood tests. She is suspected to be suffering from coronary insufficiency.

Sandhya Roy’s assistant told the media that the actress, 79, suddenly felt uneasy and was promptly taken to a hospital. She has to stay for some days in the hospital. All precautions are taken considering her health. 

Sandhya Roy was born in Nabadwip. Her family went to Bangladesh after her birth and came back in 1957. She started acting in the sixties. Maya Mriga, Palatak, Ganadebata, Baghini, Ashani Sanket, Dadar Kirti, Bhrantibilas, Sotya Mithya, and Baba Taraknath are some of her noted films. 

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