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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh Diagnosed With Cancer

Yuvraj Singh, ODI specialist all rounder of Indian team has been diagnosed with cancer and presently he is in the United States undergoing Chemotherapy.

Yuvraj Singh was physically sick since last few months and it was claimed by his family members that he had a tumor in the lungs which has been finally diagnosed as malignant and the attacking batsman of Indian cricket team is currently undergoing chemotherapy in the Cancer Research Institute in Boston. Yuvraj Singh is in US since last month and undergoing treatment there.

Physiotherapist of Yuvraj Singh assures that the ailment is curable and Yuvraj Singh will be fit by May 2012.

Let’s hope that Yuvraj Singh will be fit very soon and again the attacking batsman will be seen on cricket fields.


  1. yuvi, when india is in a bad condition, people think of you,.
    many are praying for your speedy recovary
    i wish you good luck

    1. Yuvraj is a great fighter. He has the ability to face every situation bravely. Yuvraj will win this battle also.