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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ratan Rajput and Her Marriage Plan

Ratan Rajput is a famous name in Hindi TV serial. The girl knows how to remain under the focus of media. Last year Ratan Rajput took a smart decision to select her would be husband via a TV reality show ‘Ratan Ka Rista’. Abhinav Sharma was the lucky guy choosen by Ratan as her life partner.

One year has passed since the selection was done by Ratan Rajput but it seems that TV star Ratan is in no mood to tie the knot. Ratan Rajput agrees that Abhinav may be ready to settle down but Ratan is not mentally prepared to marry Abhinav right now. As per Ratan Rajput’s statement, they are exchanging their views which help to know each other and enjoying this stage of life.

Ratan Rajput is from a middle class family in Bihar. Glamour, stardom may have some effect on her present life style but basically she is a traditional girl. Wait and watch where Ratan and Abhinav reach ultimately.

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