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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diana Penty – the new sensation in Bollywood and her beauty tips

Daina Penty is the model turned actress who is in hot news in Bollywood after the release of Cocktail. Everyone is curious to know how Diana Penty takes care of her beauty. Here is a brief list which Diana Penty follows daily:

Diana Penty loves make-up but the make-up should not be loud. Diana always carries kajal, blush and lip balm in her bag wherever she goes.Diana Penty normally follows usual routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing to look fresh. Diana drinks a lot of water. Before going to bed Diana would remove her make-up.

So far as dress is concerned, Diana Penty combines style with comfort. Diana likes different shades of colour and prints. Jeans and chappals are also her favourite.

Diana Penty does not follow any strict diet. She is a big foodie and dislikes to deprive herself from food. To keep herslf fit, Diana Penty goes to gym for atleast thrice in a week and do yoga. Diana Penty is learning kathak dance to keep herself fit.

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