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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paoli Dam will portray the life of Miss Shefali in film Cabaret Queen

Arati Das, the name is not common to Bengali audiences. Arati Das was a refuge from present Bangladesh who had to struggle for her existence here in West Bengal. The girl had to perform in theatre as vamp, cabaret dancer at Park Street. Again when in her home the same lady used to perform puja. Arati Das is known as Miss Shefali in West Bengal. Miss Shefali was a popular name in Park Street during 60's and 70's.  

Shooting of a new Bengali film named Cabaret Queen will start very soon. Paoli Dam will play the role of Miss Shefali in film Cabaret Queen. The film is based on Miss Shefali life but many changes are made. During her career, Miss Shefali came in contact with many famous personalities but their names are changed. Some facts are also changed.

Who is Miss Shefali?

Miss Shefali was once famous night club cabaret dancer in Park Street. Miss Shefali appeared in many theatre also and her main job was to perform cabaret dance. Miss Shefali has acted in many films including two films of Satyajit Ray. Arati Das used to work in a house of an Anglo Indian. She developed her interest on foreign dance there and learned it. Arati Das got a job at bar in Kolkata. From this stage of life, Arati Das was transformed into Miss Shefali. Miss Shefali came in contact with Bengali film superstar Uttam Kumat when she was passing through the golden phase of her career and they were friends. 

Gulbahar Singh is the director of the film. Producer of Cabaret Queen is Binayak Sarkar.

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