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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bangali Film Kanamachi and Its’ Story and Actors & Actresses

Upcoming Bengali film Kanamachi is a political thriller. In this article you will get complete information about the story, actors and actresses in the Bengali movie Kanamachi.

Director Raj Chakraborty has started shooting of his new movie Kanamachi on 21 January 2012. Kanamachi is a political thriller Bengali film and both director and producer are hopeful about the success of the film.

Story of Bengali film Kanamachi

Abhimanyu is a student who is directly involved with student’s politics. Abhimanyu wants to make people aware of current affairs specially regarding education. Abhimanyu and some of his followers have formed a party named ‘Barnaparichay’. Main motto of Abhimanyu’s party is to spread education among people and in this issue conflict arises between Barnaparichay and opposition parties. Actor Abit Chottopadhyay is portraying the role of Abhimanyu.
Naina, Abir and Payel are three young journalists. Abir is a photo journalist. Naina and Abir are are fearless dashy journalists where Payel is a novish journalist. There is a love triangle in the movie Kanamachi among Naina, Abir and Payel.
Shrabanti Chatterjee is in the Bengali movie Kanamachi as Naina. Ankush is Abir in Kanamachi and Tua Chakraborty is Payel in upcoming Bengali film Kanamachi.

 Actors and actresses in Bengali film Kanamachi

Cast of the film
Abir Chottopadhyay
Shrabanti Chatterjee
Tua Chakraborty
Crew of the film
Director of Bengali film Kanamachi: Raj Chakraborty
Producer of Bengali movie Kanamachi: Dhanuka Production

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