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Friday, August 31, 2012

Choa - Upcoming Bengali Film of Actress Tanusree Chakraborty and Story, Actors & Actresses of the Film

Upcoming Bengali movie Choa is a film of different type of story. Tanusree Chakraborty and Rudranil Ghosh are the main cast of Choa. Read this article to know more details of Bengali film Choa – its’ story and cast.

The main character of the upcoming Bengali film Choa is choa, a girl. Choa is very sensitive and possessive in every close relation issues. A fear is always at the back of the mind of Choa that she may be separated from her close ones. All the time she is anxious about this type of anticipated mishaps in life. Choa becomes tired. This is a typical pshychological disorder in the mind of Choa. Talented Bengali actress Tanusree Chakraborty is portraying the critical role of Choa in the Bengali film Choa.

 Story of the Bengali film Choa

Choa is a girl from Santiniketan. Due to the sudden death of her father Choa and her mother take shelter in her maternal uncle’s house. Choa becomes adault and at that time her mother expired. Choa becomes alone and to get rid of from this situation she decides to come to Kolkata. Choa comes to Kolkata with her childhoos friend Suranjan and starts seeking jobs in the city. Choa ultimately gets a job in a Missionary school as a teacher. Choa knows paintings also. She learnt paintings at Santinikatan. Choa starts a painting studio near her rented house and stars exhibition of her works. In such an exhibition, Choa comes in contact with Riju. Riju is a professional gitterist. Gradually the friendship between Choa and Riju converts into love affair. They start live together but Choa’s insecurity starts its action. All the time Choa feels that she may loose Riju any day, any time. Riju becomes tired due to over possessiveness of Choa and the relationship comes to an end.
 Choa decided to killherself and contacts a ‘superi killer’, Tilak. Tilak was surprised hearing the reason why Choa has contacted him. Tilak has never faced such a situation in his life where a person wants to kill herself and that’s why giving superi. Tilak refused to make contact with Choa. At this point the story of the Bengali movie Choa takes a twist. Choa realized that she cannot leave without Tilak. So at the end Choa met Tilak.

Actors and actresses in Bengali film Choa

Cast of the film
Rudranil Ghosh as Tilak in Bengali film Choa
Tanusree Chakraborty as Choa in Bengali movie Choa
Riju Biswas as Riju in Bengali movie Choa
Siddhartha as Suranjan in Bengali movie Choa
Rita Kayral as Choa’s mother
Sumanta Mukhopadhyay as Choa’s maternal uncle
Crew of the film
Director of Bengali movie Choa: Shibendu Guha Biswas
Cameraman of Bengali movie Choa: Siddhartha Dey
Music director of Bengali film Choa: Soumen Hazra

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