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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bengali Actress Shrabanti Chatterjee is Happy with Her Role in Bengali Film Kanamachi

Bengali Actress Shrabanti Chatterjee is Naina in upcoming Bengali film Kanamachi. Shrabanti is in love with her role, Naina in Kanamachi.

Bengali Actress Shrabanti Chatterjee is known for portraying romantic girl in Bengali films. Shrabanti Chatterjee means lot of comedy and romantic scenes. The time has come, Bengali Actress Shrabanti Chatterjee will break her image of bubbly girl in her upcoming Bengali film Kanamachi.

Shrabanti Chatterjee is a TV journalist in upcoming Bengali film Kanamachi.  Initially Shrabanti herself was confused whether she will be able to do justice to such a critical role. Abir Chatterjee and Ankush play her colleagues in the movie Kanamachi. Kanamachi is a movie with political backdrop and actress Shrabanti played role Naina is a fearless TV journalist in the movie. After one month of shooting, Shrabanti Chatterjee is in love with Naina of Bengali movie Kanamachi.

Shooting of Bengali movie Kanamachi just has begun. We have to wait for several months to view the performance of Shrabanti as Naina. Will Kanamachi be a turning point in Shrabanti Chatterjee’s acting career? Romantic Shrabanti Chatterjee to serious actress Shrabanti Chatterjee? Time will say but just now Shrabanti Chatterjee is willing to act in roles similar to Naina in Kanamachi.

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