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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bengali film actress Debashree Roy – her filmy career and brief profile

Want to know about Debashree Roy? In this article you will find filmy career of Debashree Roy, brief profile and personal life of the Bengali actress.

 After the pre matured death of Mahua Roy Choudhury, Debashree Roy was the top leading actress in Bengal film industry in 1980’s. Debashree Roy is a performer from very early age. She and her sister used to perform at stage where she was a mere child. In Bengali films, she started her journey with super hit romantic love film Dadar Kirti, directed by eminent director Tarun Majumdar.

Brief profile of Debashree Roy

Date of Birth: 13 June 1964
Occupation: Acting, mainly in Bengali films. She has acted in English, Hindi and Tamil films also.
She was married to Bengali super star Prosenjit for a brief period.

Film career of Debashree Roy

Debashree Roy appeared before the camera at the age of 4 years in the film ‘Kuheli’. Debashree Roy was a known name in Bengal from her childhood. She used to perform on stage when she was a child. Debashree Roy and her sister formed a popular duo performing filmy dances in shows in towns and villages of West Bengal Afterwards

Debashree Roy entered film industry as an actress and so far has acted in more than 100 films. In the early days of her filmy career, she worked mainly on romantic commercial films but afterwards moved to parallel films. Debashree Roy is a successful actress in both form of films.
She acted as Satyavati in Indian epic Mahabharata, the mega serial of television.

Debashree and Prosenjit duo has worked in nearly 25 Bengali films and most of the films are box office hit. Recntly Prosenjit admitted in an interview that, among the female actress with whom Prosenjit has worked so far, as an actress Debashree is the best. Debashree and Tapas Pal duo has also presented many hit Bengali films. So far Debashree Roy is a successful heroine in Bengali films. In future we can expect her success in supporting roles also.

Debashree Roy is a Trinamool Congress candidate from Raidighi constituency in West Bengal assembly elections 2011.

Some of the hit films of Debashree Roy

2011: Jibon Rang Berang
2002: Abaidha
2002: Antarghaat
2001: Dekha
2000: Ek Je Aachhe Kanya
1999: Asukh
1994: Unishe April
1989: Aparanher Alo
1985: Prarthana
1985: Bhalobasha Bhalobasha
1985: Nishan
1984: Sagar Balaka
1983: Nishi Bhot
1983: Parabat Priya
1981: 36 Chowringhee Lane
1980: Dadar Kirti

Awards for Debashree Roy

She received the National Award for the best actress in 1995 for Unishe April

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