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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bengali movie Koyekti Meyer Golpo – story and cast & crew of the movie

New Bengali film Koyekti Meyer Golpo will be released in this month. Read this article to get complete information about the movie – its story, actors and actresses of the movie.

Director Subrata Sen is known for his movies with modern views. So far Subrata Sen has presented Bengali films like Ek Je Achhe Kanya, Swapner Feriwala, Nil Nirjane, Hotath Neerar Jonnyo and Bibar. His movies mainly deals with modern urban relationships. Movies of Subrata Sen evokes brain storming among the audiances mainly due to its storylines. New movie of Subrata Sen, Koyekti Meyer Golpo is going to be a new addition to the list.

Story of the Bengali film Koyekti Meyer Golpo

Story of the Bengali film Koyekti Meyer Golpo deals with the burning topic of today’s society, high class prostitution. Poor village girls are normally lured with jobs are sold to different red light areas across the country. This is a known fact. This is also known to all of us that many high society women in urban areas are involved in escort service. In movie Koyekti Meyer Golpo, the main characters are all involved with escort service. The movie Koyekti Meyer Golpo deals with the root cause of involvement of high society girls in escort services. The movie Koyekti Meyer Golpo tries to show why these girls become call girls? Many high society girls become call girls to earn extra money, very few of them come to this trade just for fun but a major portion of the girls are compelled to take this profession.

Cast and crew of Bengali movie Koyekti Meyer Golpo

Raima Sen
Parno Mitra
Tanusree Chakraborty
Mumtaz Sorcar
Locket Chatterjee
Shantilal Mukhopadhyay
Prasun Gayen

Director of Koyekti Meyer Golpo: Subrata Sen
Producer of Koyekti Meyer Golpo: Algos International
Music director of Koyekti Meyer Golpo: Chandan Roychoudhury
Screenplay and dialogue: Subrata Sen

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