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Friday, August 31, 2012


Hot love making scenes, oral sex, etc are till today kept aside from Bengali films. Bengali audiences are not yet prepared such scenes even if the script of the film demands. Changes are observed in recent Bengali films. Read this article to get complete information of the current trend of sex scenes in Bengali films.

It is said that Tollywood filmmakers are very conservative so far as hot love making scenes in films are concerned. It is said that Bengali filmmakers hesitate to put any scene of oral sex, scene of seduction, love making erotic scenes in their films even if it is necessary and the situation of the film demands. Bengali actresses also had a prejudice not to act in any hot love making scenes. Many film directors had to re-module the story of his film to avoid any erotic sex scene in the film. Actresses of Bengali films also did not show any courage to do any hot love making scenes and at the same time Bengali film audiences were not ready to accept any love making scenes from their favourite hero or heroines. Our Bengali audiences have the hypocrisy to put the brand ‘ugly’ on any film having any intimate love making scene.

In any kind of art, sex is the most vital attribute. Any form of art cannot be complete without sex, whether it is painting, sculpture or film. Actually we are in a wrong concept that sex is sin. Till today many top class Bengali filmy actors and actresses do not agree to perform in any hot love making scene. Sex is an integral part of human relationship. There are so many famous novel based Bengali films where the critical sides of the relationship between two adults of opposite sex are the main theme. In such films also our directors never showed the courage to incorporate sex scenes.

Presently many in Bengali films adult scenes can be found. Bengali actors and actresses are also doing sexy scenes confidently.  A bunch of new actors, actresses and directors in Bengali films are trying to inject fresh thoughts in Bengali films. They are doing consistence experiments with Bengali films. The outcome of their joint efforts is that Bengali films are again attracting audiences and many good films are being produced in Bengal.

Paoli Dam and Anubrata Basu in hot love making scenes of Bengali films

Among the present actors, male artists Anubrata Basu are too bold to perform in oral sex scenes. One of the eminent filmmakers in Bengal, Anjan Dutta once praised Anubrata by saying that Anubrata is a ‘shameless’ actor who has no hesitation to face the camera while performing in hot love making scene in films. In 2010, a Bengali film ‘Gandu’ was released which is considered as the most controversial film among the released Bengali films till today. In Gandu, Anubrata and Rij were engaged in many erotic oral sex scenes. Opinion of many film critics is that sex scenes were unnecessarily more in the Bengali film Gandu.

The same Anubrata Basu and Bengali actress Paoli Damwere in a bold hot bed scene in Bengali film Chhatrak. In the bold scene of Chhatrak, Paoli appeared completely nude and she was engaged in oral sex with her boy friend, Anubrata in the film. During the shooting of the nude scene, only Paoli Dam, Anubrata Basu, cameraman and director were present. Duration of the oral sex scene between Paoli and Anubrata lasted for 4 minutes and in International Cannes Film Festival in 2011. The audience in Cannes gave a standing ovation after the screening of the film Chhatrak . Till today, Paoli Dam is the only actress in Bengali films to face the camera in complete nude situation, not a single thread was on her body.

Chhatrak is yet to be released in West Bengal but the entire Bengal film industry was rocked after the news reached here. Many eminent filmy personalities of Bengal film industry praised Paoli Dam for her courage to appear before the camera on such a bold hot love making scene while other filmy personalities and majority of the audiences did not support nudity to that extreme extent. Paoli Dam herself is not at all depressed with all these adverse criticisms on her and presently she is doing a Hindi film ‘Hate Story’ which has number of hot scenes. 

Rituparna Sengupta and bold hot scenes

Bengali sexy superstar heroine Rituparna Sengupta acted in ‘Trishna’, Bengali remake of Hindi film ‘Jism’. In Trishna, Rituparna appeared in many hot scenes. On many occasions, Rituparna Sengupta was in her bras, swimwears and towels. In Trisna there are many intimate hot love making scenes of Rituparna and Angshuman. Trisna is one of the sexiest films ever produced in Bengal film industry.

In one of the upcoming films of Rituparna Sengupta, Charulata 2011 will be released in 2012 where Rituparna’s sex appeal is again explored. Rituparna is portraying the role of a childless neglected woman who ultimately engaged herself physically and emotionally to her facebook friend.

In 2005, Rupa Ganguly was seen in a hot bold scene in Bengali film ‘Antarmahal’ where she was trying to seduce a bald guy by dropping the end of her saree and exposing her breasts.
In another Bengali film, Y2K – Sex Krome Asiteche’ sexy Bengali actress Sreelekha Mitra was seen in hot scene.

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