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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is Paoli Dam Following The Path of Bipasha Basu?

Latest news of Paoli Dam is that she is in hot news in Bollywood film industry. Comparision between Paoli Dam and another Bengali actress in Bollywood Bipasha Basu is coming automatically. Will Paoli Dam be another Bipasha Basu in Bollywood film industry?
 Bengali actress Paoli Dam, her debut Hindi film Hate Story and the bold love making scenes in the film are the latest news of Paoli Dam. The question is that how much acting recognition Paoli will get after the release of her debut Hindi film Hate Story. Before Paoli another Bengali actress, Bipasha Basu worked in Jism, a bold film of the Bhatt’s but Bipasha’s acting career did not get any boost from the film. Till today Bipasha Basu is considered as a sex symbol in Hindi films. No directors and producers are serious about Bipasha Basu’s acting talent.
 Paoli Dam’s debut Hindi film Hate Story is going to be a bold Hindi film. Paoli Dam’s sex appeal is fully explored in the film. Paoli herself said that there are many bold love making scenes in Hate Story and the director of Hate story is satisfied with Paoli’s performance in those erotic scenes. Audiences will come to know how much scope was given to Paoli to prove her acting talent in Hate Story. Paoli Dam is a powerful actress and she has worked in many challenging roles of eminent directors.
Bipasha Basu’s bold erotic scenes in Jism made her famous after the release of Jism, the film did good business in box office but career graph of Bipasha did not get that much momentum. Hate Story will definitely draw crowds in halls, bold scenes of Paoli Dam will be enjoyed by audiences but what will be the next.
 Hate Story is the debut Hindi film of Paoli Dam but Paoli is not a new comer in film industry. Paoli Dam is an established actress in Bengali film industry. Paoli Dam has worked with all the present eminent filmmakers in West Bengal and the film directors in Bengal consider her as one of the most talented actresses. If Bollywood film industry can extract the acting performance of Paoli, it will be better for both the industry and Paoli Dam. We have to wait and watch what happens after the release of Hate story.

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