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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Paoli Dam Is Casted In Hindi Film Hate Story?

Latest news of Paoli Dam is that Hindi film Hate Story has started rocking the nation with its bold and erotic scenes. Paoli Dam is a famous name now. Why Paoli Dam was chosen for the film? Read this article to know the fact behind her selection in Hate Story.

Paoli Dam is a rising star in Bengali film industry. Paoli has already proved that she can act in critical roles and at the same time she does not hesitate to shed het cloths if the situation in a film demands so. Paoli Dam can smartly act in raunchy bold bed scenes and after her bold scenes in film Chhatrak, Paoli Dam became star.

Hate Story is an erotic thriller Hindi film and Paoli Dam is already in news for the Topless Paoli Dam in Film Hate Story. The film Hate Story has many erotic love making bold scenes in it and Paoli Dam has successfully shot all the scenes. Director of Hate Story is very happy with Paoli’s work in the film.

Now the question is why Hate Story producer and director choose Paoli Dam? Script of the film Hate Story is written by Vikram Bhatt and the script is very bold.
The director of Hate Story felt that strong actors are needed to portray the characters of the bold film. He felt that actors who can stand naked before camera and can give such performance where body becomes secondary are needed for the film. At this point the name of Paoli Dam came into the mind. The director asked Paoli when they met for the first time for the film Hate Story that whether it is possible for Paoli Dam to stand naked before the camera without blinking her eyes. Paoli Dam answered that she can do such shoots. The sex scenes in Hate Story were shot in presence of all crew members and Paoli Dam had no hesitation to shot the erotic scenes in presence of all the members.

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