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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Next film of Kaushik Ganguly is Nirbashito and it is based on the cat of Taslima Nasrin

Do you know anything about the next film of Kaushik Ganguly? Want to know the story of the film and who is the heroine? Read this article and everything will be clear to you.

Bengali film director Kaushik Ganguly is interested in making a film on a pet. The film name is Nirbashito and the story is based on the relationship of controversial author Taslima Nasrin and her cat, Minu.

Taslima Nasrin has a cat named Minu and the cat was with Taslima when she was in Kolkata. Taslima Nasrin had to leave Kolkata in 2007 without Minu as she left Kolkata in a hurry and could not make arrangements to take Minu with her. From that time they stayed separately and it was very painful to both of them. During that time a couple in Kolkata kept the cat with them. Recently Minu is staying with Taslima Nasrin. The film Nirbashito is based on the pain, agony of two lives living separately but want to stay together.

Neither Taslima Nasrin nor her cat will be casted in Kaushik Ganguly’s film Nirbashito. The director is desperately looking for a cat to cast in the role of Minu. The other artists are not yet selected but Kaushik Ganguly do not want any star in the role of Taslima Nasrin in the film. Shooting of the film Nirbashito is expected to start from 20 December 2011.

Kaushik Ganguly met Taslima Nasrin with the script and she is very happy with the script. Taslima even does not want any royalty from the film as she thinks that through this film she will reach the people of Kolkata.

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