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Friday, August 24, 2012

Story, Casts & crew of Bengali film Tokhon Teish

A Bengali film based on the life of a 27 years old Doctor. The Doctor experienced dramatic changes in his life when he was 23 years old. The film released on January 21, 2011.  Four women of different ages were behind the change. This is totally different from so called love films.

Story of the film Tokhon Teish

This film is based on life of a sensitive doctor, who experienced dramatic changes in life in just 48 hours when he was 23 years old.  The doctor came in contact with four women of different ages and experienced the affection, infatuation, lust, friendship and love.  This psychological film targets the modern career oriented youth generation.

Sraboni played by Tanushree Shankar is the mother of the doctor in this film. Indrani Haldar portrayed Meghna is the tutor of the doctor. Sriparna played by Aparajita Ghosh Das in this film Tokhon Teish is a young girl who builds relationships with young man through internet and Bengali actress Paoli Dam as Mohini is a patient of the doctor of this film.

Casts & crew of Tokhon Teish

Famous Bengali film actors and actresses are in this film.  Tanushree Shankar can be seen on a Bengali film after long time. Indrani Halder is presently busy in Hindi TV serials. She is also in a powerful role in this film. Paoli Dam, very choosy about films from the beginning of her career can be seen in this film.

List of Actors

Jisshu Sengupta – as Tamodeep  the doctor
Indrani Halder –  as Meghna
Tanusree Shankar – as Sraboni
Actress Paoli Dam - as Mohini
Aparajita Ghosh Das – as Sriparna
Biplab Chatterjee
Nil Mukherjee
Rajatava Dutta

Director of the film : Atanu Ghosh
Story and script writer of this film: Atanu Ghosh
Music Director of this film: Rocket Mondal and Mayukh Bhowmik

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