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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Kaushik Ganguly's new film Shobdo is based on totally unique subject. The film is on the life of a technician in film industry who does folio sound. In this post you will get complete information about the story of the upcoming Bengali film Shobdo, actors and actresses in the film and thoughts of Kaushik Ganguly.

Bengali film industry is passing through a golden phase and many experiments are going on Bengali films. Directors of Bengali films are taking challenges to make films on unusual topics. Kaushik Ganguly’s new Bengali film Shobdo is one of such challenging films.

Film technicians are always neglected so far honour and awards are concerned. Bengali film Shobdo is focused on the life of such a film industry technician who is a folio artist. Folio artist, sound technician and sound artist are synonyms. In any film we hear different types of sound. The sound of rain, sound of air, sound of lightening, sound of horns and many more. Sound effects make a film successful. Folio artists make these sounds.

Story of the Bengali film Shobdo

Tarak is the main male character in the Bengali film Shobdo. Tarak is a folio artist. Tarak has a passion of hearing different sounds and from this strong passion; Tarak has accepted the career of a folio artist in film industry. This sound becomes a curse in Tarak’s life. Tarak becomes a mental patient and jobless. Ratna is Tarak’s wife in this film.  Financial troubles starts in the family of Tarak and Ratna. Ratna tries hard to come out from the crisis and gets support from Dibyendu, a friend of Tarak. There is no love triangle in the film Shobdo. Dibyendu is a true friend of Tarak and helps the family to overcome the bad phase of their life.

Swati is a psychiatrist in this Bengali film Shobdo. She undertakes the treatment of Tarak and takes help of her professor Dr. Sen.

 Cast and Crew of Bengali film Shobdo

 Star Cast

Ritwick Chakraborty as Tarak

Raima Sen as Ratna

Srijit Mukhopadhyay as Dibyendu

Churni Ganguly as Swati

Victor Banerjee as Dr. Sen

 Crew of Bengali film Shobdo

Director of Bengali film Shobdo: Kaushik Ganguly

Producer of Bengali film Shobdo: Rose Valley Films

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