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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Eminent filmmaker Goutam Ghosh’s next Bengali film is Shunyo Awnka. Story of Shunyo Awnka, its cast and crew are posted here.

Goutam Ghosh has started shooting of his next Bengali film Shunyo Awnka. Shooting of the film Shunyo Awnka is now going in Manali. A line of the novel ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ has inspired Goutam Ghosh to make the film Shunyo Awnka. The line is ‘A man can be destroyed but not defeated’.

After a long gap, Lalita Chatterjee is acting in any film. In the film Shunyo Awnka, Konkona Sen Sharma is acting for the first time under the direction of Goutam Ghosh.

Story of the Bengali film Shunyo Awnka

In the Bengali film Shunyo Awnka, director Goutam Ghosh is trying to show that India is a multi-layered country and not a homogeneous. The story of the film Shunyo Awnka has all the ingredients of a good film and finally the spirit - ‘A man can be destroyed but not defeated’.

Priyanshu is a successful corporate man in the Bengali film Shunyo Awnka. Priyanka Bose is playing as Priyanshu’s wife in this film. In Bengali film Shunyo Awnka, Priyanka was an airhostess but after marriage she is a housewife. Konkona Sen Sharma is a journalist working for an entertainment tabloid. Journalist Konkona is tired writing the same type of reports and starts writing on tribal issues. Soumitra Chatterjee is portraying the role of a retired scientist and Lalita Chatterjee is his wife in Shunyo Awnka.

Cast & Crew of Bengali film Shunyo Awnka

Star Cast
Priyanshu Chatterjee
Konkona Sen Sharma
Priyanka Bose
Lalita Chatterjee
Soumitra Chatterjee

 Director of Shunyo Awnka: Goutam Ghosh
Producer: Goutam Kundu of Rose Valley Films
Art Direction: Somnath Pakhre
Costumes: Nilanjana Ghosh, wife of Goutam Ghosh
Anandi, daughter of Goutam Ghosh will assist Goutam Ghosh in the film Shunyo Awnka.
Music and Camera: Goutam Ghosh
There will be two songs by Anupam Roy.
Ishaan Ghosh, son of Goutam Ghosh will assist him in cinematography for the film Shunyo Awnka.

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