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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Story, actors and actresses in Bengali movie Bedroom

Want to know the story of the new Bengali movie Bedroom? Do not know who are the actresses and actors of the movie Bedroom? Read this article and you will get all the answers.
Story of Bengali movie Bedroom.

Story of Bengali film Bedroom

The Bengali film Bedroom is based on the story of three young couples from Kolkata and the problems they face in their daily life. One couple of this movie is Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam of Chhtrak fame. Abir is currently jobless as he has lost his job. Abir can not reveal the fact to his ill-tempered wife Paoli Dam. Daily Abir goes out of his house as if going to duty. He spends the entire time in coffee shop and returns back to home in perfect time.

The other couple is Rudra Rudranil Ghosh and Ushasie. Rudra Rudranil Ghosh is an actor and he met journalist Ushasie for the first time in an interview session. From that time relationship between them started and ultimately they got married. The only problem with this couple is that they are too sincere towards their commitments.

The third and the last couple of this Bengali movie Bedroom  are Parno Mitra and Rahul. They are not married couple, they believe in live together. Parno is a fashion photographer and Rahul is a good for nothing. Rahul has high dreams in life like directing Raktakarabi on stage.
There is another character in this Bengali movie, Tanushree. Tanushree is a prostitute in this movie and she has a strong desire to become an actress in Tollywood movie industry.

Cast and Crew in Bedroom

 Actors and actresses in the Bengali movie Bedroom:
Parno Mitra
Paoli Dam
Abir Chatterjee
Tanushree Chakraborty
Rudranil Ghosh
Crew in the Bengali movie Bedroom:

Director: Mainak Bhaumik
Story: Mainak Bhaumik

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