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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rituparna Sen aka Rii – offbeat Bengali actress


Bengali offbeat actress Rituparna Sen is mistaken as famous Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta. Rituparna Sen is famous as Rii. Rii is well-known in the film industry as seductress and she is comfortable with this tag.

Rii herself confesses that she is bisexual. Rii is in a relationship with director of her most of the films – Q. Rii admits that she was in love with her cousin sister also. Even today she gets attracted towards women.

Another Bengali actress, Paoli Dam shot nude scenes in Vimukti Jayasundara's film 'Chatrak' and this was hot news in 2011 and raised many debates in Bengali film industry. Bengali film actors were divided over the nude bold scenes of Paoli Dam in the film. In film ‘Gandu’, Rii had shot nude scenes and that was six months before Paoli Dam’s shot. Rii maintained silence on the frontal nudity issue. Rii has shot full frontal nudity in films ‘Gandu’ and ‘Cosmic Sex’. Rii’s opinion is that there is nothing wrong in portraying the current situation.

Rii does not consider Poali Dam or other actresses as her competitor so far as nudity is concerned in films. Rii sees herself as her main competitor.

Rii admits that she acts with her body and will continue to do so in future.

In film Sadhana, Rii is playing the role of an ashram sadhika. The film explores the origin of sexuality through the woman.

Rii thinks that there is audience for movies like Gandu or Sadhana. Sadhana is not yet completed but for the film Gandu, they are searching for distributors. Gandu is not yet released.

Rii has no problem in accepting offers from mainstream commercial cinema. For Rii, it is either good or bad cinema and she is ready to even appear in item number.

Some of the famous films of Rii

Tasher Desh
Jodi Ekdin

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