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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Actress Katrina Kaif is the perfect match for Salman Khan

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A matrimonial site conducted a survey to find who is the perfect match for the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood, Salman Khan. The result of the survey is very interesting which shows that Bollywood beauty and former girl friend of Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif is the best match for him. No reaction from either Katrina or Salman is received yet.

The matrimonial site, conducted the survey on 21,000 people and 69.84 percent think that Katrina would be the perfect wife for Salman Khan although they have a  age difference of almost 28 years. Katrina Kaif is now 28 where as Salman Khan has reached 47 years.

Another interesting report from the survey is that 62 percent of male want to see Salman as a bachelor and 60.37 percent women want to see Salman as a married man as soon as possible.

Several fans from South want to see Sonakshi Sinha as life partner of Salman Khan. A point to be noted here that Salman Khan treats Sonakshi as his younger sister and both the Khan and Sinha families share a close relationship.Southern actress Asin is also considered as Salman's perfect life partner by  some fans.

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