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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arunima Ghosh - Sabyasachi Ray and Bengali film Mahamaya

Bengali Actress Arunima Ghosh
Arunima Ghosh
Bengali actress Arunima Ghosh will act in Bengali film Mahamaya – directorial debut film of Sabyasachi Ray.  Arunima Ghosh will be paired with Samadarshi in the film Mahamaya.

Bengali film Mahamaya is based on Tagore's short story titled Mahamaya and the story is about a woman who is widowed on the second day of her marriage. The woman, named Mahamaya is from the Brahmins and furthermore she is from the top category of Brahmins. Mahamaya falls in love with Rajib, a young man from the same village. a young man, Rajib, from the same village. Rajib is also a Brahmin but his community rank is in lower side of the hierarchical order of Brahmins. Mahamaya’s father came to know about her daughter’s love affairs and get his daughter married off to a Brahmin of his own rank.

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