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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bengali film Khiladi – story cast and crew of the movie

Khiladi is an upcoming Bengali film of Ankush Hazra and Nushrat Jahan. Plot of the film Khiladi is based on Durga Puja of a Zaminder family and the film will be released on the first day of Durga Puja 2013.

Story of the film Khiladi

The film is based on a ex-Zaminder family. Aditya Narayan Choudhury is the head of the family. Zaminder system is no more in India but the family still maintains the status and ego. Like most of the Zaminder family, Durga Puja was celebrated in Choudhury family but since last 25 years the family has stopped the festival in their house. The reason is that sister of Aditya Narayan, Saraswati married a Muslim boy-  Mahasin Khan 25 years ago. Aditya Narayan cut off every relationship with her beloved sister. The family faced many unwanted situations during the last 25 years and the pundits say that they need to perform pujas. An young purohit named Krishna starts performing pujas in the family and he sais that the family should perform Durga Puja again. Krishna is the son of Saraswati and Mahasin. His actual name is Suleman Khan. Krishna wants her mother’s re-entry in the family again. Krishna falls in love with Puja who is an orphan girl and got shelter in the Choudhury family,

The story is very convensional love story and the end can be predicted very easily.

Cast and crew of Bengali film Khiladi

Ankush Hazra as Krishna
Nushrat Jahan as Puja
Tapas Paul as Aditya Narayan Choudhury
Laboni Sarkar as Saraswati
Rajatabha Dutta as Mahasin Khan
Kharaj Mukhopadhyay

Director of film Khiladi: Ashokpati
Producer of film Khiladi: S K Movies
Music Director of film Khiladi: Sree Pritam

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