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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bengali actresses and their inhibitions in hot intimate filmy scenes

Bengali actresses normally have inhibitions in hot intimate filmy scenes. This does not prove that Bengali actresses never appear in bold scenes but in general they are not as bold as Bollywood actresses. Recently Roopa Ganguly rejected a film because it had frontal nudity. Roopa’s explanation about rejecting the role is that the director didn’t discuss the scene with her. Roopa Ganguly has earlier done bold scene in Rituparno Ghosh’s film Antarmahal. Roopa has done menstruation scene in Rituparno’s film although she refused to go topless in the same film.

Another glamorous actress Raima Sen feels that every actress should shed her inhibitions for any trusted director. Actresses are many times exploited by directors and producers. Raima Sen has done intimate scene in film Mirch with Arunoday Singh.

Paoli Dam was in hot news in recent times for her bold scenes in her different films.Paoli has several times said that she has no inhibitions in doing bold love making scenes if the situation demands.

Swastika in Tobe Tai Hok
Swastika Mukherjee has a different experience. In one her recent films - Tobe Tai Hok, Swastika and Joy Sengupta were engaged in a love making scene. Swastika feels that directors should be well aware about the necessity and importance of the bold scene. In a film Monihara, Swastika and an actor had to appear in a bold scene. The actor was the producer of the film and strangely the scene is not in the film.

Rituparna Sengupta and Bollywood actress Unnati were engaged in intimate love making scene in film
Rituparna and Unnati in 3 Kanya
3 Kanya. Rituparna Sengupta feels that she has a family and kids so she should have some limit in making bold scenes. Rituparna Sengupta is not ready to shoot any scenes like lip-lock or something like that. In another recent film of Rituparna, Charulata 2011 the actress had very sensuous scenes.

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