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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shooting of Bengali film Parapar started at Dhurjati Dham

Rituparna Sengupta
Sanjoy Nag has started shooting of his next film Parapar at famous Dhurjati Dham, in Belgachia.  Satyajit Ray used Dhurjati Dham in his films - Chiriakhana and Strir Patra.

Film Parapar is based on a novel written by Moti Nandi. Rubel and Rituparna Sengupta shot a quarrel sequence at Dhurjati Dham. Rituparna is playing the role of Damini, a simple homemaker who transforms into a strong woman after her husband goes to jail. Rubel is playing the role of Damini’s husband.

Rubel is a theatre actor from Bangladesh and Rituparna Sengupta is pleased with Rubel’s performance.

Bratya Basu and Paoli Dam are also in film Parapar.

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