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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bengali Films and Present Box Office Report Of The Industry

Bengali film industry is passing through a very critical phase. The present situation of the industry and it’s box office collection report just two years ago is totally different. At that time Bengali film industry was passing through a golden phase, one after another box office hits ultimately raised the number of releases per month. In last two years, only two Bengali films have – Mishar Rahasya and Chander Pahar managed to cover the cost of the film. Remake of south films also failed to impress the box office. Koel Mallick starrer Arundhuti is a box office flop of recent times.

One of the reasons of present poor condition of Bengali films is due to the crash in Satellite Market which used to supply oxygen to Bengali films. Since last two months, Satellite Marketing is a total failure. Superstar of Bengali films Prosenjit Chatterjee feels that Tollywood film industry was too much dependant on Satellite rights and never bothered about box office collection of films. Satellite rights allows TV channels to broadcast films in their channels and producers get money for that.

Many Bengali film famous personalities feel that the present situation of Bengali films will ultimately help the industry. Filmmakers were simply ignoring the actual audiences of Bengali films who come to cinema halls to view films. Box office collection was not a matter of concern to many filmmakers and they were concentrating more on collections from other sources. The bubble of Bengal Film Industry has busted.   Prasenjit and many filmmakers of Bengali films feel that it is high time to look after box office collection of films. Good story, powerful acting and good direction is the need of the hour for Bengali films. Prosenjit, Dev, Raima Sen, Rituparna have to take special role for the survival of the industry. Srijit Mukherjee feels that it is a temporary phase and the industry will come out of it.

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