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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bengali Actress Rituparna Sengupta in Postage Stamp

Rituparna in Indian Postage Stamp
A new trend in Indian Post has begun – postage stamps of stars and these stamps can be used in letters etc. One has to order such postage stamps with a photo and Rs. 300 to get 12 stamps. Any one can make such postage stamps provided he or she is alive and has no criminal case against him or her. Fans of celebrities can also make such postal stamps; authorization letter from the celebrity is required.

Among the Tollywood celebrities, Indian postage stamps of Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta are released and her fans took the initiative. Rituparna Sengupta is the first Tollywood celebrity to have Indian postage stamps. Ritu is first in so many events – she is the first Tollywood celebrity to donate her body after death.

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