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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Forgotten Actors and Actresses of Bengali Films

Many actors and actresses of Bengali films are now wiped out from the mind of audiences. Once these actors were in the front line in industry and media used to cover their news. In this article I have tried to cover some of them.

Mithu Mukhopadhay

Mithu Mukhopadhay made her debut in Bengali films in 1972 with Chitta Basu’s movie Sesh Parba. Mithu Mukhopadhay little bit different from other actresses of that time. Mithu was born 19 June 1955. Mithu Mukhopadhyay studied in St. Thomas School in Kolkata.

Mithu Mukhopadhyay’s first hit film was Marzina Abdullah in year 1973. Mithu was gorgeous in the film. Mithu has acted other films like Mouchak, Shayam Siddha. In both the films, Ranjit Mallick was casted opposite her.

Mithu Mukhopadhyay also acted in Hindi films. Afterwards Mithu Mukhopadhyay became producer and at the age of 35, she performed as a leading lady in film Ashrita which was produced by her.

Gradually Mithu Mukhopadhyay faded away from the film industry. Not in a cine party or filmy show, Mithu is seen.

Anjana Bhowmik

Anjana Bhowmick

 Date of birth of Anjana Bhowmik is 30 December 1944. Anjana Bhowmik was from Cooch Behar and did her schooling from Cooch Behar. The actress studied in Sorojini Naidu College, Kolkata. 

Anjana Bhowmik made her debut in 1964 with film Anustup Chanda, directed by Pijush Bose. Anjana Bhowmik was paired opposite Uttam Kumar in many films like “Chowringhee”, “Kokhono Megh”, “Nayika Sambad”, “Roudra Chhaya”, “Raj Drohi”.

Anjana Bhowmik got married to Navy Officer Arun Sharma and they are settled in Mumbai. Bengali actor Jishu Sen Gupta is her son-in-law.  

Kaberi Bose

Kaberi Bose

Kaberi Bose was a famous actress in Bengali films during 50’s and 60’s. Kaberi Bose was known for her powerful acting and beauty. Date of birth of Kaberi Bose was 28 March 1938. The actress died at an early age of 38 yrs in an accident while returning from Darjeeling.

Some of the famous movies of Kaberi Bose are: Nagar Darpane (1975), Je Jekhane Dariye (1974), Ami Se O Sakha (1974), Aranyer Din Ratri(1969), Shyamali (1956), Madhumalati (1957), Raikamal (1955), Debimalini (1955), Paradhin (1956), and Shankar Narayan Bank (1956). 

Lolita Chatterjee

Lolita Chatterjee Now

Lolita Chatterjee was a glamorous Bengali actress during the 60’s and 70’s. Lolita Chatterjee has acted in both Bengali and Hindi films. In Bengali films, Lolita Chatterjee acted with legendary actor Uttam Kumar. Some of the famous Bengali films of Lolita Chatterjee are Antony Firingee (1967), Rakta Rekha (1968) and Samantaral (1970).

In Hindi films, Lolita Chatterjee has acted with Rajesh Khanna, Pran. Some of her famous Hindi films are Aap Ki Kasam (1974), Aaj Ki Radha (1973), Chori Chori (1972), Parivartan (1972), Victoria No. 203 (1972), Pushpanjali (1970), Ek Thi Reeta (1969), Wohi Ladki (1967).

Lolita Chatterjee has also worked in folk theatres of Bengal. Present generation don’t know the name of Lolita Chatterjee. After a long gap, Lolita Chatterjee was seen in film Icche (2011).

Arati Bhattacharjee

Arati Bhhatacharya was born in Jamshedpur, Bihar. Date of birth of Arati is 8 November 1951. Real name of Arati Bhattacharya is Bulbul. Arati Bhattacharya started her career in stage. Her first and last stage performance till today is “Nahabot” at the Rangmahal Theatres.

Arati Bhattacharya made her debut in films with a Hindi film in 1971 - Ek Adhuri Kahani, directed by Mrinal Sen. Arati Bhattacharya has acted in many Bengali films with renowned heros but gradually faded away from the industry. Arati Bhattacharya tried her luck in Hindi films but she was not successful in her mission. Arati Bhattacharya became director afterwards and her directorial debut was in a Hindi film “Mashooka”. Arati Bhattacharya married Kunal Shingh, famous actor from Bholpuri films, in the year 1979. Arati Bhattacharya now lives in Mumbai and her son is also a Bhojpuri film hero.

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