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Friday, October 24, 2014

Rituparna Sengupta in Next Film of Tarun Majumdar - Bhalobashar Bari

Rituparna Sengupta
Veteran film director Tarun Majumdar will make a film titled Bhalobashar Bari – based on Prochet Gupta's story. Rituparna Sengupta will play the lead role in the film.

The film Bhalobashar Bari will be a woman centric film. Like all Tarun Majumdar films, Bhalobashar Bari is also a middle class family drama film. Rituparna Sengupta will play the main character of the film who struggles to keep a joint family together.Director Tarum Majumdar has full confidence in Rituparna and he thinks that at present Rituparna Sengupta is the only Bengali actress who can carry a film on her shoulder.

Tarun Majumdar has finalized Rituparna Sengupta for the film Bhalobashar Bari. For the lead male character, the director may approach Abir Chatterjee or IndraneilSengupta.

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