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Monday, December 1, 2014

Box Office Report of Bengali Film Parapaar

Bengali film Parapaar is based on the story of Moti Nandi's 'Puber Janala'. The film is one of the best Bengali films in year 2014. Story of the film, performance of artists is excellent.

Rituparna and Paoli in Parapaar

Story of the film Parapaar

Gopal lives in a village. Gopal desires to come out of the common man life and involves in many tracery to become rich. Gopal marries the most beautiful girl of the village but ultimately discovers that the girl is his sister. Married life of Gopal ends and he becomes a perverted man.

Rudranath is another character in the film Parapaar who was sentenced to jail for 14 years in charge of a rape and murder case. After 14 years, Rudranath comes back to his home and finds that everything has changed. Rudranath’s wife Damini is a changed lady now. Rudranath’s son calls him rapist but his attitude towards their house maid is not fair. Rudranath’s daughter participates in anti rape programs. 

Bratya Basu is Gopal in film Parapaar. Bangladeshi actor Rubel is Rudranath. Paoli Dam and Rituparna Sengupta are Urmila and Damini in film Parapaar. 

Bengali film audiences will remember the performance of Rituparna Sengupta and Paoli Dam for long time. Paoli is successful in portraying the role of a simple village girl, a girl with so much pain in film Parapaar. A superb natural acting is presented by Rituparna Sengupta. Many filmy critics feel that Rituparna Sengupta deserves a national award for the film. Bratya Basu is excellent in the dream and reality sequences in film Parapaar. Rubel is so so in film Parapaar but his performance in romantic scenes are not upto the marks.

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