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Friday, December 5, 2014

Review and Box Office Report of Bengali Film Nayanchampar Dinratri

First of all we should admit that at the end of year 2014, director Sekhar Das has presented a good movie to Bengali film audiences. Roopa Ganguly has again proved that she is outstanding in different type of critical roles. 

Story of the film Nayanchampar Dinratri

Story of the film Nayanchampar Dinratri revolves around the lives of Nayanchampa, Champi and Malati – most neglected but essential parts of so called urban high society. Nayanchampa, Champi and Malati are domestic helps. Roopa Ganguly is Nayanchampa in film film Nayanchampar Dinratri. Nayanchama has to manage her home and the house hold works of her employer. This is not the end, the poor lady has to digest the physical and mental torture of her drunkard husband as well as sexual desire of her ‘babu’. The life goes on Nayanchampas are still struggling for their existence. 

Roopa Ganguly as Nayanchampa
Chandrayee Ghosh as Champi
Daminee Basu as Malati
Barun Chanda
Alokananda Ray
Debranjan Nag
Biswajit Chakraborty

Direction: Sekhar Das

Review and Box office report of Nayanchampar Dinratri

Nayanchampar Dinratri is such a film whose characters are very much common and known to us but we never consider their struugle for exiatance in this complex world. The film Nayanchampar Dinratri is on many many Nayanchampas. The story of the Nayanchampar Dinratri is very simple without unnecessary dramas.

Roopa Ganguly as Nayanchampa is film Nayanchampar Dinratri has presented a brilliant performance. The same can be said other artists.  Chandrayee Ghosh and Roopa Ganguly are established actresses but Daminee Basu is a new face in Bengali films. Daminee Basu’s performance in film Nayanchampar Dinratri has enough indication that she is a long race actress.

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